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You can do all this with our Carbon Literacy Masterclass for Professional Services, accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project. The 8-hour training incorporates a Climate Fresk workshop and is available in person or online.

Carbon Literacy for professional services

Our Carbon Literacy Masterclass is tailored for professional services, for roles or business in:

What is Carbon Literacy?

The Carbon Literacy Project defines Carbon Literacy as ‘an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.’

The training equips people and organisations with an understanding of carbon and climate change, and how they can make a positive difference. Becoming Carbon Literate involves making two pledges, one individual, one organisational, which lead to predicted carbon savings of 5-15% per Carbon Literate individual. The training provides an understanding of climate change and it empowers people to take action. 

What is Climate Fresk?

Climate Fresk is an interactive workshop designed to educate participants on climate science, looking at the cause and effect of human actions on the environment and society. It is based on data from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, making the information more digestible through a card game which encourages collaborative learning.

Grain Sustainability’s Carbon Literacy course is one of the first to incorporate Climate Fresk, as the first 3 hours of the total 8 hours of training. We have found the Climate Fresk to be a powerful tool that genuinely empowers action and helps make the mandatory scientific content within Carbon Literacy more accessible.

What does the Carbon Literacy training include?

The course provides a full day of learning (8 hours), split into two half-day sessions. The content is delivered in various ways to engage different types of learning.

Incorporated into the training is:

  • Climate Fresk workshop (3 hours)
  • Climate science, including different types of greenhouse gases
  • Current and future impacts of climate change
  • The importance of prioritising sustainability (environmental, social and governance)
  • Climate equity, policy, and current affairs
  • The impact of individuals and businesses
  • How to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Sustainability reporting and frameworks


Once an individual has completed the training requirements, they receive a personalised certificate with a unique reference code confirming them as Carbon Literate.

Why should you and your organisation become Carbon Literate? 

Conducting Carbon Literacy training within your organisation brings a host of benefits:

  • Providing employees and leadership with the knowledge and skills to bring about a low-carbon culture
  • Facilitating a cultural transition towards sustainability and embracing new opportunities and innovation
  • Helping reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and costs
  • Enhancing understanding of strategic goals throughout the organisation
  • Increasing competitive advantage and reducing commercial risk
  • Improving your organisational profile with happier, more engaged employees
  • Joining a like-minded community of Carbon Literate Organisations


If you are interested in Carbon Literacy training that incorporates Climate Fresk (as an individual or organisation), or would like to inquire whether it can be tailored to your circumstances, please get in touch.

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