Carbon neutrality standard

Carbon neutral & PAS 2060

Carbon neutral - PAS 2060

Vague statements about offsetting and a lack of evidence of an accurate carbon footprint is not enough these days. Grain can help you gain a positive reputation and competitive advantage through the only internationally recognised carbon neutral certification, PAS 2060.

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What does 'carbon neutral' mean?

The term ‘carbon neutral’ means that the emissions from the creation of a product or service have been compensated for, usually by purchasing carbon offsets. This may involve planting trees to absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, or an investment in a carbon-reducing activity or technology. 

Unlike net zero, which considers scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, carbon neutrality may cover only scopes 1 and 2. This means if a business offsets its scope 1 emissions (or has none) and uses 100% renewable energy (covering scope 2), then they are considered to be operationally carbon neutral.

How can Grain help?

At Grain we can help you:

PAS 2060

PAS 2060 is the only internationally recognised standard of carbon neutrality. It covers scopes 1 and 2 as well as any scope 3 emissions that account for more than 1% of an organisation’s total footprint. A Carbon Management Plan must be worked out and high-quality, certified carbon credits may be used for offsetting at the end of the reduction period.

The certification enables you to gain a competitive edge and demonstrate your sustainability credentials. Verification to this standard will substantiate claims that your business is carbon neutral. Grain can support you through the PAS 2060 process to accurately assess and reduce your emissions, purchase quality carbon credits, and verify your statement of carbon neutrality.

Why work with Grain?

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