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Your vision for sustainable enterprise is so clear.

Why is it so difficult to get it done?

When you’re the sustainability champion at your organisation, it can be hard to keep momentum in the face of challenge after challenge. Even CEOs and founders feel this way. The business world as it functions today is not built on sustainability principles. How do you convince your stakeholders to embrace your vision?

Sometimes it may feel like you’re putting your head above the parapet, not only for your company but for an entire industry.

We can help.

Our team has worked with and within companies of all sizes, at the most senior organisation levels, in roles ranging from finance to project management to marketing to CSR. Whether  you’re looking to hone your leadership skills, or need more tactical help finding consensus on complex issues, at Grain we’ve got the experience you need.

Coaching and mentoring can be empowering and enlightening, opening up a new world of opportunities that help you approach your working environment in a different way. Coaching and mentoring can challenge you on a personal level, and help you get in touch with your values so that you can communicate authentically and effectively without compromising your beliefs.

It can also be very useful in teams, building trust between people and helping groups collaborate around a shared goal or programme of change. At Grain we’ve got, if we may say so ourselves, mad skills at getting teams on board through workshops and training.

Let us bring our deep sustainability programme implementation experience, from boardroom to boiler room, as it were, to help support your sustainability leadership journey.

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