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GHG emissions.

Workers’ rights.

Transparency and good governance.

Though many sustainability challenges are universal, your business is unique. Whether you’re a software provider, a law firm, or an independent school, your niche will have specific sustainability areas of focus and requirements.

At Grain we start our sustainability engagements with an assessment phase. Core to that is expert research. We begin by reviewing your current sustainability activities, processes, and policies. We also research key topics and emerging trends in your sector.

Getting this context right is really important. Imagine, for example, you’re a food retailer. Like every company, you’re going to be using energy and generating greenhouse gas emissions. But where exactly are they coming from and what is their impact? Answer: probably transport and refrigeration, and their impacts are potentially very high indeed if not well managed.

Now imagine you’re a digital communications company. You build websites and create e-newsletters for clients. Your energy usage and GHG emissions will likely be far lower than the food retailer, and further out in the supply chain, perhaps in distant data centres. But you’ve probably got a much stronger focus on issues around data privacy, for example. Improving your controls in this area can have a significant impact on your clients and their contacts and customers in turn.

Or what if you’re a construction company building new housing? The products you make have significant local impacts on communities and the environment. Health and safety of your workforce and your end customers will be big concerns, as will biodiversity monitoring and control over your ecological impacts. You’ll also need to look over a very long horizon as your product is meant to last many decades. Attention to the lifecycle of the materials and components that go into your buildings is therefore extremely important.

With background and deep experience in sustainability disclosure topics across a range of industries, we have the skills to investigate your particular context and discover what material topics are the most important to your organisation.

Let us help you find the right sustainability focus for your unique business.

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