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Corporate social responsibility in global supply chains

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Through supply chain stewardship, businesses can make a real difference and create positive impact. Are you wondering:

Grain can work with you to answer these questions.

Why trace your supply chain?

Traditionally, or at least post-industrially, supply chains have been viewed through the lens of efficiency. Manufacturers look to get raw materials at the best price, process them in the most cost efficient way, and market them on to their customers at a keen, competitive price.

Yet things are changing. Customers and business partners are now increasingly interested in social and environmental impact along supply chains, and if exploitation of any form is found, it could damage your reputation and potentially put you out of business.

Assess, manage, and reduce supply chain emissions

At Grain we can help you analyse your supply chain and build a strategy that generates value through sustainable practices. We offer guidance and tools on choosing supply chain frameworks and platforms appropriate to your industry and location. We can advise on codes of practice and alignment with standards appropriate for your size and sector. We can assist with upstream value as well, providing advice and solutions on open and closed loop recycling, remanufacture, repairability, and other best practices.

Whether you are constructing a complete circular economy model for your business, or would simply like to make your value chain more sustainable, get in touch.


Corporate social responsibility in global supply chains

Traceability, transparency, and adherence to standards are becoming more and more essential to product and service sales. Reframing your supply chain as a value chain helps you see beyond the bottom line and make authentically sustainable decisions about procurement and sourcing. As companies start assessing and prioritising their sustainability, partnerships with other sustainable businesses will be favoured over suppliers who are not up to scratch. Suppliers are part of a company’s upstream scope 3 emissions and it is key to collaborate with them on the road to net zero.

Why choose Grain?

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