How will your business make the world a better place?

Sustainability and ESG strategy

Become a champion for the people and the planet

We’ve all seen the evidence. What we thought was ahead of us, is happening now.

According to the latest IPCC Report there is still time to act on the climate emergency, not to mention all the other planetary boundaries we’ve approached or already breached. Be we must act immediately.

As individuals, and certainly as organisations, we share a responsibility to commit to necessary changes in the way we operate. The most robust and effective way to do so is through a planned strategy.

We can help you formulate a sustainability strategy that will make your employees eager to join in. That includes, believe it or not, your finance director. Operating sustainably is not incompatible with traditional measures of business success. In fact, with the rise of the ethical consumer and increasing legislated and industry-mandated compliance requirements, it’s often both cost efficient and a competitive advantage.

But really there is no time to lose.

Our mission at Grain is to help. We have the experience, tools and professionalism to support you in formulating and executing on a robust sustainability strategy.

We start by researching your business and industry in context, identifying and engaging all stakeholders, pinpointing and prioritising the most relevant issues with materiality assessment and analysis, identifying suitable sustainability frameworks, and reporting on a baseline of relevant metrics. This assessment phase feeds into and informs the creation of the strategy itself.

A sustainability strategy is your statement of commitment, from the highest levels of the organisation, to operating in the present in a manner that does not jeopardise the future. It outlines your sustainability goals, the programs you’ll implement and the actions you’ll take to reach those goals, and the metrics you’ll use to measure progress.

At Grain we have the experience and insights that will help you align and incorporate sustainability strategy with the overall strategy of the business. We can help you build the trust, buy-in and the business case for strategy implementation in all areas of the enterprise and at all levels of the organisation.

We’ve also got the design and communications expertise and resource to help you communicate on your sustainability goals and achievements both internally and externally.   

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