Develop your business sustainability strategy

Sustainability strategy consulting

Business sustainability strategy

Are you finding that your clients, employees, and other stakeholders are asking for your sustainability strategy, which considers people and planet along with profit? Are you wondering:

Grain can work with you to answer these questions.

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ESG services

We work with clients in a broad range of sectors to identify and prioritise key issues, benchmark peers and competitors, take baseline measurements, and to bring this all together in a tailored sustainability strategy. Key frameworks and references we employ include:

Become a champion for the people and the planet

We see sustainability in a holistic way, encompassing environment, social, and governance (ESG). In fact, the five references above all cover these topics.

Operating sustainably is not at odds with traditional measures of business success. In fact, with an increase in legislation, industry-mandated compliance, and public demand for sustainability, creating a sustainability strategy often provides both cost efficiency and competitive advantage.

Sustainability strategy consulting

Our experience in communications ensures that we listen to your stakeholders during the strategy development process. That means that when it’s time to roll out and embed the strategy, these different groups — including employees — are already on board. By then, ambition levels will be agreed, with their associated goals, targets and KPIs with defined timing and responsible parties.

Our services are broad, including carbon footprinting and net zero strategies as well as sustainability report copywriting and design, essentially a one-stop sustainability shop!

Sectors encompass the built environment, education, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, professional services, technology, finance, retail, mining, and packaging. We work with companies, trade associations, government bodies, and charities.

What is sustainability?

Back in 1987, the Brundtland Report from the World Commissionon Environment and Development (WCED) put forth that sustainable development ‘…meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’

Why work with Grain?

To continually improve our services, we engage a third-party consultant to interview our clients. Here’s what they say.

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