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Sustainability marketing

Seeing people in the round

Have you ever noticed how much marketing language is militaristic? 

Campaign, target, tactic, deploy.

It sounds more like waging a war on an enemy than communicating with an audience.

Greenwash is one of those war tactics. Greenwash campaigns use overstatement to puff up their sustainability credentials and distract from their more obvious harms. Greenwashers often literally deploy the colour green to give the impression of good environmental practice. The biggest, most powerful moneymaking industries and corporations are often, sadly, among the worst greenwashing offenders.

So how can we avoid the war footing that marketing has traditionally been on?

At Grain we approach sustainability marketing in a different way. We lead by example in our own practices, including becoming a certified B Corp. From this more holistic position, one that does not prioritise profit over people and planet, we set out to persuade other companies, large or small, to join us in putting sustainability at the heart of enterprise.

Sustainability marketing is not like traditional sales and marketing. At least it isn’t for us. At Grain our sustainability marketing takes in a much wider view than the classic sales funnel. We look at the whole context. We don’t shy away from the role business and commerce has and continues to play in the current environmental crisis and the catastrophe of global inequality and precarity. We face our heavy responsibilities for what’s gone wrong on our beautiful planet and look for ways to effect change.

With our background in branding, trade names, digital publishing, print, and design, we’re well equipped for a full-on marketing assault. But at Grain we are not interested in waging war on anyone’s behalf.

Instead, we’ll advise you on your messaging, thought leadership, communications structure, content, and implementation. What we’re here for is to share knowledge openly, collaborate on sustainability goals, and support businesses, schools, and organisations of all kinds, shapes and sizes to embrace and work towards a sustainable future.

To find out more about sustainability marketing and how to implement it in your company, get in touch on +44 20 8187 7040, email hello@grain-sustainability.com, or book in a chat.

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