Wrapping it all up

Sustainable packaging

It’s not always plastic fantastic

Like many topics in sustainability, considerations around packaging are complex and there’s not always a clear answer. A life cycle analysis may show that plastic packaging is preferable to glass. Plastic, though made from fossil fuels, can have a lower carbon footprint than glass because glass’s weight and volume can result in higher transport emissions. On the other hand, glass is fragile but it’s generally easier recycle than plastic – less sorting needed, and its quality doesn’t degrade. What about alternatives that don’t rely on fossil fuels, like aluminium? Plastic made from corn starch? Biodegradable materials made from coconut or kelp?

As you can see, no solution is straightforward. We’ll apply our expertise and experience to your sustainable packaging brief. Our past work has included a recyclable food packaging concept for British Airways, and reusable packaging for circular economy brand Catwalk Club, a rental platform for luxury handbags.

Following the principles of the circular economy, we will always aim to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems.

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