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Have you ever been at one of “those” workshops? You know the ones. Those workshops where no one says much. Those tedious next-slide-please workshops. Those bum-numbing I-wonder-what’s-for-lunch workshops. Those workshops that don’t deliver value and somehow manage to turn everyone off the subject.

We don’t do those workshops.

We do workshops that work.

Your organisation’s sustainability journey is bound to include requirements for stakeholder engagement and awareness. Sometimes the most effective way to build that engagement and awareness, especially with a core sustainability team, is through workshopping and brainstorming ideas, priorities, and approaches. This might be virtual or in person. The important thing is it’s done and done well.

We’ve learned ourselves from years of experience that the best way to learn is by doing. We’re skilled in drawing people into the conversation and getting them to think creatively about your sustainability agenda. And we never cease to be surprised by what people think up.

At our workshops the participants do a lot of the talking. They also do a fair bit of writing on post-it notes and sketching on whiteboards – or the virtual equivalents. We make sure workshop participants know the agenda and purpose of the meeting. They also get to know each other and engage together to solve problems and propose solutions.  At the end of the session they’ve had a clear debrief on outcomes and they know what the next steps are.

To be effective, your sustainability programme needs to be understood and embraced by a wide stakeholder group. You may have sustainability champions at your organisation. You may also have detractors. Our workshops provide the opportunity to get everyone on board.

We want learning to be fun as well as a transfer of crucial messaging. Our goal is for attendees to come away with the knowledge and confidence they need to take action on your sustainability goals.

Whether at the early stakeholder engagement phases where we’re exploring material topics, or at later stages of sustainability strategy development and delivery where we’re working to bring everyone on board, we’re experienced at running workshops that work. At any stage of your sustainability progression, we can help you organise and run bespoke, tailored workshops, communications and training sessions that inspire. 

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