Mary Pearson

Mary Pearson is an IEMA and ECO Canada environmental sustainability professional who provides ESG advisory services including carbon footprinting and sustainability communications.

She was a sustainability project manager at SITA, an international air transport industry technology provider. Major projects there included annual CSR report production, ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems) certification management, EMS platform implementation, employee volunteering programme management, and data gathering for annual GHG assessment reports using the CarbonNeutral Protocol. Communications is the throughline of her professional career, and Mary excels at translating the esoteric and jargon-strewn into readable content.

In addition to twenty-plus years of corporate experience, Mary holds a Masters degree in Computing with a research focus on data visualisation, a post-graduate qualification in web publication, and formal training in GRI, ISO 14001, and BREAAM. She has a Masters degree in English from the University of Alberta, enjoys photographing and drawing birds and loves spending time with her very favourite person, her daughter Rosie.