The Better Business Act — a call to action for government

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The Better Business Act (BBA) is a proposed amendment to Section 172 of the UK Companies Act that aims to make companies think more about how their actions affect people and the planet, not just about making profits. Under the change, company directors would be tasked with ensuring they align social and environmental impact with […]

What is double materiality?

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Having become comfortable with the sustainability context of materiality over the last few years, you may be confused about the emerging concept of ‘double materiality’. It’s an approach gaining more traction and will become increasingly important to businesses and organisations which are serious about sustainability. While it may take some time to get to grips […]

What’s new for sustainability legislation in 2023

2023 yearly diary

Corporate sustainability has become an immediate priority and 30% of Europe’s largest companies have committed to reaching Net-Zero by 2050. Following COP27 and in the context of the climate crisis, we are seeing more and more sustainability legislation coming into place.

2022 in review: only the upsides

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Why? Because negative thinking really doesn’t help the situation we’ve got our beautiful planet into. Indeed, research and statistics suggest that a pessimistic attitude is not only out of step with objective measures of progress in the world, it’s not particularly good for your health either. When confronted with the many sustainability quandaries we face, […]