Will the new EU Green Claims Directive solve greenwashing?

green marker coloring in, signifying greenwashing

What is the EU Green Claims Directive? Following on from our previous thought piece on greenwashing, here we discuss the importance of the EU Green Claims Directive. This piece of legislation is being introduced to enable consumers to make sense of the labels on products (both goods and services), to ensure all environmental claims are […]

Recycling plastics

Back of engineer or foreman pointing toward bundles of plastic for recycling

During my work experience at Grain, I came across the concept of the circular economy, championed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Its three principles are ‘Design out waste and pollution,’ ‘Keep products and materials in use,’ and ‘Regenerate natural systems.’ Particularly the first two principles point to recycling finite materials that aren’t biodegradable. Why we […]

Kicking off materiality assessment and the B Corp journey with Priory Direct packaging

Turtle in sea

A packaging company that wants to minimise packaging? That’s a paradox I couldn’t resist. So, when Kent-based Priory Direct — “The home of planet-friendly packaging” — joined 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses and individuals which gives 1% of turnover to environmental nonprofits, I asked to be introduced. Back in 2008, Grain was […]