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Kenneth Kai Man Ho

Kenneth Kai Man Ho

I joined Grain in May 2022 through a Cranfield School of Management work-based project scheme to gain real-life experience in sustainability consulting and put what I’ve been studying into practice. Throughout my work at Grain I was able to provide support to a group of expert consultants, and to sharpen different skills.

Working at Grain has been inspiring and challenging. My duties mainly covered sustainability operations, from assisting in developing sustainability strategies and formulating client goals and targets, to preparing materiality analysis, carbon emissions assessments and ISO 14001 audit reports.

I helped establish a new spreadsheet format to verify and sum up raw data inputs for calculating Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions. From thousands of lines of data from multiple locations, I needed to consolidate the data and project estimations for the upcoming year. The new format provides an easy-to-use overview of an organisation’s usage of electricity, gas, water, paper, and business travel in different regions. Being able to develop this approach independently was one of my unforgettable moments at Grain and it strengthened my presentation and analytical skills.

As my Master’s research project at Cranfield is about sustainable investment, I was given an opportunity to write a Thought for the Grain website about ESG indices to help our readers understand how ESG ratings and reports are produced and how they serve as benchmarking tools for internal and external engagement. ESG indices are used by investors and other interested parties to monitor a company’s sustainability performance, risks, and opportunities. Businesses that perform well in ESG indices are perceived as being better able to foresee future dangers and opportunities, more likely to think strategically about the long term, and more committed to long-term growth.

I also took part in a two-day training from Mental Health Charter on Mental Health First Aid. We learned through this programme how to encourage and help peers in a variety of situations. This was new and useful information for me and another highlight of my experience at Grain.

As my first step into the UK sustainability consulting sector, my work at Grain has given me incredible exposure to the many aspects of sustainability in business and organisations of all kinds. I recognise now that sustainability is not only about setting ambitious targets but also how sustainability is a day-to-day practice that becomes transformative over time.

I want to thank Madelyn, Mary, Amber, and Mark for guiding me throughout my time at Grain and for the roles they have played in my professional life! I hope we stay in touch.

Kenneth is second from left.

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