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Róisín O'Connor Flanagan

Róisín O'Connor Flanagan

A Good Thing (AGT) is an innovative not-for-profit company which began when co-founders Cathy and Richard discovered a gap in the UK charity supply chain. They saw the need for an organisation that could fund charities across the country with the necessary supplies they need to maintain their organisations. This could reduce charities’ spending of donations to fund office supplies. Their idea encourages businesses across the country to donate old office furniture or other supplies like stationery in order to support their local charities.

“Richard and I are so thrilled to have launched A Good Thing. It had been brewing as an idea for so many years, and it feels so exciting for it to now be up and running. We are getting such great feedback from both businesses and charities — it really is a win-win! We’re so excited to have created a platform that connects businesses with their local communities, while actively reducing waste.”

— Cathy Benwell, Co-founder

By the end of 2021, approximately 15 million office desks and chairs were no longer needed in businesses across the UK. Many businesses are unsure what to do with these large quantities of idle office equipment. A Good Thing is the perfect way to avoid landfill while also making a positive difference. 

In 2020, A Good Thing used the UK Government’s Community Interest Company (CIC) structure to formalise their organisation. Their initiative continues to thrive based on their key concept that there is a home for everything, and AGT is the perfect matchmaker to help this happen.

The idea for AGT truly came into its own in 2021. In February of that year the team was ready to pilot the concept. They began by working with charities and businesses in the Thames Valley area and shortly after expanded their service, even reaching as far as Scotland.

Their idea is simple yet effective. By email or through social media channels, businesses can send in pictures of office equipment or supplies they no longer need. The team at AGT posts what’s on offer and charities can choose what they need. This matchmaking prevents tonnes of waste going to landfill each year while also helping local charities to save money.

The uniqueness of AGT allows charities and business to come together and support those in need. It can be very powerful for businesses to know they’ve been able to assist local charities and has opened the floor for future relationships and volunteering. This connection of businesses and nonprofits is also the aim of the charity 1% for the Planet. Grain has helped A Good Thing onboard as a 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner, which means that any member of 1% for the Planet can now choose AGT as the recipient of 1% of their revenue (or a part thereof, if the business is also supporting other nonprofits).

These connections that have become possible in communities can be an incredible tool to gain local support and communication, which has been sorely lacking during the pandemic. These micro level connections are only a biproduct of AGT but they make each donation even more impactful.

There are approximately 166,000 charity organisations in the UK, in many different shapes and sizes. Businesses have a chance to make a huge difference to charities across the country and it’s so easy with the help of A Good Thing.

The organisation has been growing organically over the past year, using their social media channels to raise their profile. AGT can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and of course through their website. Their online presence has significantly boosted their work in different regions of the country.

We are delighted to be involved with the important and effective work of A Good Thing!

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