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Sustainability communications

Marrying words and visuals

True or false?

1. Sustainability communications is greenwashing by another name.

2. Communicating about sustainability authentically requires impenetrable tables of figures.

3. All sustainability communications must contain a shade of green.

If you answered false to all of the above, we like the way you think.

No, absolutely not. Sustainability communications is not greenwash. Yes, there are some bad actors out there who use sustainability communications as a bit of green-tinged smoke and mirrors to hide less palatable truths about their intents and practices.

And no, sustainability communications  are not all about reams of data. Yes, you need to communicate about measurable targets and achievements against targets. That will generally mean a fair bit of quantifiable data needs to be communicated. Fortunately, there are many and varied truly delightful ways of visualising data that are authentic, clear and understandable. Storytelling is also perfectly welcome in your sustainability communications. The idea is to engage and inform people, after all, and what better way to do that than a good story.

As for the colour green, while we’re quite partial to it ourselves (see our logo), and some say it’s good for the psyche, you can communicate about environmental, social and governance topics without using the colour green. It’s a tricky one, though.

At Grain we’ve got a combined century or so of professional experience in communications. We’re experts at engaging storytelling, impactful design, and effective data visualisations.

From employee communications, to eye-catching infographics, to press releases, case studies or full end-to-end sustainability reporting, we can bring life and vitality to your sustainability strategy and activities with well-crafted words and visuals.

Whatever colour you like.

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